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The Motor City Knows Cars

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan known as The Automotive Capitol of the World and Michigan's true capital city. The city is home to America's "Big Three" automobile companies(General Motors, Ford and Chrysler) where you can also take in a Detroit Tigers or Lions game in the Midwestern United States Great Lakes Region. Detroit is home to the ice cream soda and Vernor's Ginger Ale named after a Boulevard in Detroit. Whether you call it "The Motor City", Motown, Renaissance City or The "D", it's more than motors that make Detroit a "MoTown". The city is passionate about sailboat racing as well. The Detroit Salt Mines is the foundation to the city. Detroit is unique and a bit perplexing in that even though the city is in America, which is south of Canada, a traveler must head south to cross Canada's border from Detroit. The city may never win a bid to host the summer Olympics, but they are not a city that gives up. This determination is what makes the city successful in creating and retooling for success. It determination like this that drives to help you with all your questions about buying, selling or donating a car, boat, SUV, ATV or other automotive-related item within a city that knows its cars and boats.

Transportation Born in Detroit

The Ford Motor Company began in Detroit. That was just the beginning of the auto-centric city's passion for transportation. Henry Ford built a road system to link the Willow Run and Dearborn factories during World War II, now known as I-94 from Ypsilanti to Detroit and the Willow Run Highway. Detroit also built an extensive freeway system in the 1950s. The first city to pave a concrete road is also the home of the very first four-way three-color traffic light. The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel was fist to connect two countries. The "People Mover" is the city's elevated rail system. The Detroit area has toll-free expressway system. understands every mode of transportation that Detroit has staked its reputation upon, and we are ready to answer any question you have about buying, selling or donating your car in the Detroit area. We offer free pick up, making it fast and easy for you.

What Do I Need to Know to Sell my Car in Detroit? knows the details needed to assist you when you are ready to sell your car in Michigan. These complicated details include walking you through every step of selling your car in Detroit. We know that as long as you maintain proof of sale (a copy of your title or a document that contains the year, make, vehicle ID Number, name address, driver license number, purchase price, date of sale and signature of buyer) of your vehicle, Michigan law protects the seller from any liability. Enter your mileage, date of sale, selling price and your signature. Any other marks on the title to alter it will render it void. Take the license plate off of the car and cancel your Insurance coverage.